Accreditation and membership fees


New members are subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

To be accredited, a member must meet the following conditions:

  • Having read the statutes and the internal regulations of the association,
  • Having paid an annual fee,
  • For a full member, having provided an up-to-date membership certificate of a member association of the International Actuarial Association,
  • For an associate member, having provided a CV demonstrating the candidate's actuarial qualifications, experience and expertise related to the mission of the association and a cover letter.
  • For a student member, having provided evidence of past and current professional exams or current actuarial science academic curriculum

A refusal of approval does not have to be justified and cannot be appealed.

Any membership after an interruption of more than 3 years requires a new approval.

The admission process is not applicable to persons who have paid annual dues to the 'Actuaries without Borders' section of the International Actuarial Association for the calendar year 2020 and who joined the association before January 1, 2022.


The annual membership fee for 2022 is as follows:

  • Full member: 100 € (hundred Euros)
  • Associate member: 80 € (eighty Euros)
  • Full or associate member residing in a low income or lower-middle income country (as from 1 July 2024:  GDP/capita lower than or equal to 4 465 US Dollars): 30 € (thirty Euros)
  • Student member: 30 € (thirty Euros)

The annual membership fee gives the right to be a member of the association for the calendar year ending December 31 of the year, regardless of the date of its payment. 


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