Actuaires du Monde” (in English Actuaries of the World hereafter AdM) seeks to facilitate temporary assistance in financial, actuarial and risk management practice areas to groups and entities who cannot afford such expertise through the volunteer effort of its members. We primarily provide such services in developing and emerging countries but do not exclude requests coming from other countries provided it fits into the mission of AdM.

Areas where AdM’s volunteers give voluntary advice and assistance include development and sound management of social security systems, enterprise risk management, pensions, inclusive, conventional and Islamic insurance, , finance  and health care. They also work in other areas where actuarial skills can help. Our volunteers may support public entities, governmental and social organizations; these include NGOs that lack actuarial resources and only have limited financial resources to obtain suitable expert advice. Finally, AdM also assists programs related to financial inclusion such as financial literacy building, financial education and small-scale field projects. 

Additionally, AdM contributes to actuarial capacity building and the spread of actuarial education by encouraging AdM members to take on teaching and coaching assignments, including the mentoring of young actuarial professionals.

AdM focuses on geographic areas that lack actuarial resources which are often in shortage of financial resources, irrespective of geographical boundaries but taken into consideration AdM’s risk policy.

AdM listens to the needs of its stakeholders, places them in the context taking into consideration the social-economic, regulatory, cultural, political and religious environment, evaluates impediments, understands the challenges and potential assistance to formulate the project in a collaborative spirit. Once the project terms and conditions are validated by the stakeholder and AdM, AdM will staff, oversee and manage the involvement and work of the volunteers, in collaboration with the requesting party.

AdM volunteers will deliver advice and assistance without demanding fees. Should the requestor not be able to fully finance the execution of the project, then AdM may facilitate financial assistance needed for project expenses – typically travel, lodging, and food.

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