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Loving Africa faboulous stories from a young actuary having volunteered in West & East Africa, Queenie Chow, President of  Young Actuaries Advisory Board Australia and Secretary of Actuaires du Monde

Creating inclusive insurance for all by Queenie Chow and Renata De Leers , Actuaries Digital, Actuaries Institute Australia - February 2016

Un mois riche et intensif à Dakar ! by Mvono Euloge Pharel, Alumni IFAGE, Dakar, Senegal

Actuarial expertise making an impact on developing countries , interview Jean Berthon, Chair, &  Renata De Leers, CEO, published by Canadian Institute of Actuaries

Under the spotlight with the Young Actuaries Advisory Board (YAAB) by Queenie Chow, Director Actuaires du Monde, President of  Young Actuaries Advisory Board Australia Actuaries Digital, Actuaries Institute Australia - May 2021

Interview with Jean Berthon, chair, in the Magazine n°40 of  l'Actuariel (31 March 2021) 

Interview with Francis Gota , full member, in the Magazine Entreprise Africa - September 2021 

Aktuarielle Kenntnisse für die Entwicklungshilfe, Unterstützen Sie die Actuaires du Monde, Der Aktuar, Zeitschrift der Deutchen Aktuarvereinigung e.V., Ausgabe 4  - 27. Jahrgang - September 2021

WANTED ! Volunteers for actuarial aid work , SAV Bulletin 2021

Doing good as an actuary and a development worker, Aktuarvereinigung Österreichs, Newsletter May 2022 

Lights, camera, actuary  Interview of Sonal Shah 'In The Press, Bolton Associates' - June 2022 

Microinsurance in a nutshell, only for Africa ? SoA Research Institute, Renata De Leers, Francis Gota, Isaac Senior Damptey - April 2023