Why becoming a member of Actuaires du Monde’ ?

At one moment in life, actuarial professionals may wish to give back to society. This can take up many forms such as

  • Public service aspects of actuarial work
  • Charitable work by actuaries
  • Education and mentoring
  • Volunteerism in the profession

In many developed countries, the national actuarial professional body uses already volunteers, e.g. to grade exams, to peer review publications or university dissertations, do research and/or represent the profession in local and international committees and conferences.

But some professionals may look further and beyond their own borders, combining actuarial practice and discovering other cultures and far-away places. They may look for a group of engaged actuaries, who through sharing actuarial knowledge, strengthen global economy, achieve sustainable growth and make the world a little bit better.

‘Actuaries of the World’ (officially Actuaires du Monde hereafter AdM) is combining these aspects and provides unique opportunities for actuarial professionals and others serving public interest in developing and emerging countries with majority low-income populations. Various pro-bono options are offered to members such as serving remotely or on-site technical assistance and training.  AdM also offers room for exchanging between actuarial professionals eager to share and learn from each other. AdM’s forum (to be developed) will become a virtual platform to connect with each other. Last but not least some members may also contribute financially ensuring the smooth operations of the association and funding events for entities who cannot afford paying for actuarial expertise in low-income or low middle-income countries.


Being a member means that you will be invited for AdM projects, off-site or on-site.

For the adventurous ones, this may be a field trip, 3 days teaching in a far-away country where electricity, internet and water are luxury.  It is an opportunity to share your acquired experience and expertise with young professionals in developing countries eager to become member of the global actuarial community. It may be also be an occasion to give financial education classes to young entrepreneurs or to market women or to lead a survey to develop a microinsurance product adapted to the needs of the population. It may be a window to a different world and also change your life.

Engagement duration and time commitment vary, but on average, volunteers contribute approximately 20 working days for a 3 day-event. This includes the days for travel and the project management.


For those who cannot travel because of professional or personal reasons, there are opportunities to manage an on-site project remotely. You need to be very communicative and anticipative of any hurdle imaginable in a project in a distant country while helping the AdM volunteer to prepare for its mission. This may include briefing on the local context and reviewing the material prepared. You also need to /steer the requestor in the field to become his trusted advisor. In short, it is a lot of creative work from a distance where you can learn more about our projects without actually flying around the world.

A mentorship and tutorial program is another possibility to give back from a distance, pairing mentors and mentees who speak the same language and practice the same actuarial discipline or seeking assistance with passing exams.

Time commitment varies in the cases mentioned and depends upon the specific engagement, for project management and/or for the mentoring/tutoring.





Being a member of ‘Actuaires du Monde’ has many dimensions.

For those who wish to remain engaged between assignments, they may share their experiences on the AdM’s website and give back to the AdM and share your enthusiasm!

Finally, members may know about potential opportunities for AdM volunteer work. If so, inform the team of the ‘Actuaires du Monde’.

Members are scattered all over the planet. AdM welcomes members from low-income countries and students with special rates.

Consequently, the majority of meetings including the general assemblies will take place virtually, taking into consideration challenging time differences. Nevertheless, in-person meetings may be held at occasions of other international and national actuarial conferences. 


Being a member of ‘Actuaires du Monde’ has many dimensions. It’s a wonderful journey for socially engaged actuaries eager to give back to society !  


Therefore JOIN Actuaires du Monde ! 

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