Population data are important but data are scarce. Even if data are existing, they are often  incomplete. For example, people lack financial means to declare their children to the 'mairie' (townhall). In Aného (Togo), declaration costs 4000 FCFA (or 6 € or  7 USD or 15 CAD) only but many don't have the money. Approximately 6 % of the population in Aného (, or 2941 children are not registered to the civil status.

When data are incomplete, actuaries face problems to price micro-insurance products very much needed by the vulnerable people....therefore as an actuary speaking to an AdM member speaking to AdM members, support the children of Aného with a donation to register them with the civil status. The benefits for the children are multiple: providing a legal identity, facilitating access to eduction, combating early child marriage.

The collected funds will be transferred to the Townhall of Aného.

Thank you in advance for your kind donation.

1 499 €
Goal :
18 500 €

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What is the amount of your donation?


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